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December 18, 2018

Self-Inflating Oil Containment Booms

NEO Boom is a strong, durable boom that combines the compactability of an air-inflated boom with all the benefits and strength of a boom having conventional foam flotation.  The product has been proven over years to be a cost-effective solution where storage space is limited but the application requires a durable containment boom. Ease of deployment, excellent wave conformity, and high buoyancy-to-weight ratios are key NEO Boom benefits.


Features & Benefits

  • NEO Boom requires approximately 1/3 the storage space needed for conventional booms and can be deployed by fewer personnel.
  • NEO Boom’s special flotation foam is self-expanding, which makes storage, mobilization, and deployment a much simpler task.
  • NEO Boom has no internal devices or ancillary equipment for inflation or deflation.
  • NEO Boom is unsinkable and will maintain functional freeboard even in damaged condition
  • NEO Boom self-inflates with a patented closed-cell/open-cell polyfoam combination. You simply open the air valve for boom self-inflation and deflate the boom by rolling it up into a coil or winding it onto a boom reel for compact storage.
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