Emergency oil/chemical spill response kit

Spill Kits are designed for workshops, service vehicles, transport trucks, warehouses, or at any ‘high risk’ area, to contain and clean up liquid spills.  They are effective on a wide range of spilled liquids or leaks that occur in a controlled industrial, commercial or marine environment.


Spill Kits includes all essential materials for quick oil spill/chemical spills: Oil/Chemical absorbent socks, Oil/Chemical absorbent pads, Oil/Chemical absorbent pillows, Kleen Sweep, and PPE such as: Dustpan and Brush Set, PVC Gloves, Safety Goggles, Waste Disposal Bag, Respiratory Protection and Instruction Card, etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective on a wide range of liquids.
  • Kits can be customised to suit risk.
  • Superior performance and lower cost of use.
  • Combines both pads and loose particulate for quick & complete clean-up. No residues remain.
  • Mobile kit for fast response.
  • Highly visible, safe and easy to use.

Standard Spill Kits

  • Transport Spill Kit (Oils & Fuels)
  • Workshop Spill Kit (Oils & Fuels)
  • Service Station Spill Kit
  • Marine Spill Kit (Oils & Fuels)
  • Universal Spill Kit (General Purpose)
  • HazChem Spill Kit
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