Permanent containment boom

Permanent oil containment booms, also known as permanent spill control booms, are our most durable boom, with superior uv resistance, tear resistance, and tensile strength. Permanent oil booms are used in water conditions that are calm to slightly choppy waters and requires little or no maintenance. ABASCO carries Sigma 24 and Sigma 36 that serve as our permanent oil booms.

Fabric is 144-oz/sq-yd, PVC-coated, polyester belting, impregnated with marine-growth and ultraviolet inhibitors.

Sigma Boom floats are foam-filled shells, molded from 1/8-inch, heavy-duty polyethylene with ultraviolet and marine-growth inhibitors.


Features & Benefits

  • High visibility
  • High impact resistance
  • Reserve buoyancy-to-weight ratio
  • Wave conformance
  • Wind stability

Typical applications

  • Ice floes
  • Silt
  • Pack ice
  • Oils
  • Flotsam
  • Debris
  • Most severe conditions
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